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CAD Projekt K&A 

CAD Projekt K&A was created twenty four years ago by a group of enthusiasts of 3D graphics and specialist computer software for interior design.

Our unique programs based on CAD environment, ensured us a pioneer position on Polish market of interior design. But we still want to develop! Our young, creative and professional team is looking for new challenges all the time.

At the moment we are expanding the functionality of improving the quality of our offer. Our goal is to ensure that our programs efficiently and in no time deal with the most demanding design tasks.

CAD Projekt K&A in short:

  • programs available in our offer: CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens, CAD Cut
  • sales has exceeded 13000 copies in Poland and several hundreds abroad
  • our programs belongs to the most popular on Polish market software for interior desing and arrangement of various rooms — kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges, offices and others
  • our broad offer is directed to: designers, architects, furniture showrooms and manufacturers, carpenters, developers, as well as producers of ceramic tiles, household appliances, paints, lighting, fittings, various furnishings and accessories